Our staff

Receptive to every customer request…
We only employ trained forwarding experts who individually meet our customers’ wishes and demands in a professional manner. All staff come with many years of experience and, thanks to ongoing further training, are always up to date with latest developments.

Jessica Engesser-Berger

As the daughter of the company’s founder, Jessica Engesser was born into the customs clearance agency and grew up with it. As the current Director, she controls and continues to live the story of Berger AG.

Thomas Engesser

Member of the Board
Born with his foot to the floor and diesel in his blood, Thomas Engesser kept training to progress from courier driver, dispatcher and customs declarant to head of customer service and marketing at Berger AG.

Luc Haist

Head of customs clearance

The nature-loving family man and customs declarant has been reliably coordinating and managing the team of declarants with a high degree of expertise for more than 18 years. Mr Haist is the right person to speak to if finding solutions for special cases is required.


Julia Haist-Lebigre

Customs declarant

Having fortunately decided to start at Berger AG as a customs declarant after completing her high-school studies, with 15 years professional experience Mrs Haist-Lebigre, a keen rider, is the right partner for you customs clearance questions in the early hours of the morning.


Ronald Piasecki

Customs declarant

With 7 years at Berger AG, Mr Piasecki is our man for all eventualities and your partner for customs clearance until the customs office closes at 17.30. He also prepares pre-clearance for goods that need to be at the border tomorrow morning.

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